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We want great outcomes for each of our clients.

Having wealth comes with many burdens including managing it in a way that protects, preserves and maximizes it, now and for future generations. For most wealthy people that can be an overwhelming challenge.

The best solutions consider the best information.

At Blauch & Associates, we work with you to understand all of the intricacies specific to your asset and income protection needs. We use information to help make the best decisions and implement the best solutions for you. We take great pride in understanding and solving your wealth challenges. We thrive on the details -- you don't have to.

Our Services include:


Wealth Transfer Strategies for Ultra-Wealthy Families

For our clients, the name of the game isn't how much wealth they can accumulate; it's more about how much and how well they can transfer their wealth; it's more about leaving a legacy.

  • Advanced Life Insurance Strategies & Solutions

Life insurance offers wealthy families, in the event of death, the opportunity to provide liquid, tax-efficient, creditor protected funds to their loved ones. It's not as simple as buying the right amount or the right type, people with wealth often have complex planning needs and tax implications. We take time to understand your complexities and your wishes; we then apply advanced thinking and strategies to deliver advanced solutions.

Don't Settle For Basic Insurance, Get Advanced Thinking.

  • Advanced Tax Minimization Strategies & Solutions

Tax implications can take a huge bite out of your wealth, especially when transferring it to other members of your family. There are simple and complex tax minimization strategies and solutions that we've explored and implemented with the help of other advanced tax-planning specialists.

Don't Settle For Basic Tax Strategies, Get Advanced Thinking.

  • Advanced Income Continuation Strategies & Solutions

Most wealthy families understand the benefits of life insurance – protecting your family's wealth in the event of your death. Less wealthy families adequately consider the benefits of protecting their income earning ability and/or income continuation in retirement. Once we understand your income continuation risks/needs, we'll introduce you to advanced thinking and opportunities.

Don't Underestimate Income Continuation, Get Advanced Thinking.


Business Continuation, Financial & Income Protection for Wealthy Families

For our growing wealthy families, it's important to protect a number of possible life-altering events. This includes protecting your high income earning ability and business continuation in the event of death, disability, illness or long-term care. We work with you to assess your complete and often complex needs in these areas. You can rest assured we know how to find the best strategies and solutions to meet your complex wealth challenges.

  • Life Insurance Planning Needs Assessment

It's not something we like to think about every day. But, you know you need income protection for your family in the event of an untimely death. So how much is enough to ensure your family is able to meet both its immediate and future financial obligations? Rather than contemplate the never-ending "what if" scenarios, our life insurance planning needs assessment process is specifically designed to take the pain out of planning for life's uncertainties and ensure your portfolio continues to perform as originally designed.

Looking After You And Your Interests – It's All Part Of A More Personal Service.

  • Specialized Disability Income Solutions

While you plan to protect the people you love most, what is often taken for granted is adequately protecting your most important asset, your ability to earn a sizeable income. Traditional insurers are often unable to meet the income replacement needs of high income earners in the event of an unexpected injury or illness. Through our planning needs assessment and independent access to best-in-class insurance carriers and disability income products, we can properly protect your family's most valuable asset, you, in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Make Sure You're Ready For Life's Unexpected Events.

  • Long-Term Care Insurance

Few issues are as compelling as a loved one's need for long-term care. It's an unfortunate fact that as we grow older and continue to live longer into our retirement years, so too does the likelihood that we will one day require professional care. By incorporating long-term care into a well constructed life insurance portfolio and estate plan for wealthy families, we are uniquely qualified to counsel you on the many option available for funding and delivering that care when the times comes.

Make Sure You're Ready For Life's Unexpected Events.

  • Income Continuation Strategies & Solutions

For our families that also own businesses, there's more at stake than just protecting you personal income, there's protecting your business income and revenue. Wealthy families have complex business and personal income challenges, we have the know-how, experience and access to the best solutions to develop strategies and find solutions that get you the outcomes you desire.

Make Sure You're Ready For Life's Unexpected Events.


Here's a look at the Wealth Life Cycle.

Over a lifetime, most people will experience many different financial needs and circumstances that can be summarized into three stages: risk management, wealth accumulation, and wealth preservation and distribution.



In risk management, the foundation of the financial pyramid, you protect that which you can least afford to lose—your earning power.

With that foundation firmly in place, we can help you accumulate wealth in a tax-efficient manner for specific goals such as your children's education, retirement funding, or a future financial need.

Success in the wealth and accumulation area creates the need to preserve and distribute that which you have worked so hard to accumulate.


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