Who We Serve

We serve:

  1. Ultra-Wealthy Families with Wealth Transfer Taxation concerns.
  2. Wealthy Families wanting to protect their income earning ability for their families and their businesses.
  3. Business owners wanting to protect the continuation of their companies.


Each of our unique clients wants:

  • To work with advanced planning specialists with a strong background in insurance, income and tax minimization.
    (We have 40+ years of advanced planning experience.)
  • To work with problem solvers, not insurance salespeople.
    (We are solvers through and through.)
  • Unbiased, independent advice and access to all financial solutions.
    (We answer to you, not any financial solution provider. We are independently owned and operated, family owned and operated to be more specific. )
  • A dedicated team with a focus on making your experience pleasant, informative and valuable.
    (We'll educate you, keep you well informed and pay attention to serving you today and forever.)
  • A well-connected, leading edge firm.
    (We're a Lion Street Member Firm, which provides us access to advanced planning expertise and opportunities.)
  • A partner prepared to collaborate with other professionals.
    (We frequently collaborate with other advanced tax, estate and financial professionals – there's no room for error and we work with the best minds to get you the strategies and solutions you need for the outcomes you are looking for.)

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